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Why We Golf

Why We Golf


I have loved the game of golf since I was six years old and my dad gave me my first set of clubs, which he cut down to size with a hacksaw. Over the decades that followed I played countless rounds of golf with him and my mom, and spent at least as much time on the course with friends. Just Plane Golf was created to enable people who did not grow up around the game to understand why so many people who play golf fall in love with it.

So, here's my attempt at explaining at least part of why we play golf:

1. We love spending time with friends and family...and sometimes doing business

Every round of golf means up to four hours of quality time with whoever joins you. It's an opportunity to escape the daily office grind or chores, and catch-up with/compete against your playing partners. In many businesses, it is also a networking and/or business development activity where you have uninterrupted time to get to know co-workers and potential business partners.

2. We want to stay healthy...both mentally and physically

Golf requires strength, stamina, and flexibility, but is also low impact and accessible for all ages and stages of life. This is true whether you are hitting the driving range or teeing it up on the course - and walking a course is typically a 5-6 mile trek. Additionally, studies suggest golf helps to reduce anxiety, stress, and chances of depression.

3. We like to compete...and sometimes bet on it

Golf is the only game where players of different skill levels can fairly compete against one another thanks to the handicap system. There is no better motivation to improve than competing against your friends, especially when you have a little skin in the game.

4. We can all use some character building...and perhaps some humbling

Some of the best athletes and most successful people have trouble making clean contact with a golf ball - just take a look at basketball great Sir Charles Barkley. No one starts with a perfect swing, but practicing a few key fundamentals can go a long way to improve your game. Golf will test your patience, nerves, and your ability to laugh at yourself.

5. We enjoy a challenge...that always leaves us wanting more

Professionals and amateurs alike are challenged every time they tee it up. Every time round is a new opportunity for a personal best and no matter how many mishits precede the perfect strike, the feeling of hitting the sweet spot always keeps you coming back.

There are million reasons we play golf, and at JPG we hope our golf clubs help everyone experience why.



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