About JPG

Just Plane Golf was founded for aspiring golfers as a simple, inexpensive way to learn the game.

Just Plane Golf founder, Nick, struggled with his swing when he was young before a local teaching pro gave him a laser pointer to attach to the end of his grip. He used the laser through the winter to repeat slow motion swings in his family room, and the following season his game improved dramatically. He still has the laser and tinkers with his swing to this day, decades later. This experience planted a seed for the JPG concept.

After numerous friends, family members, and coworkers asked, "where should I start?" or, “what clubs should I buy?” we noticed how much the golf industry focuses on people who already play, know, and love the game. We are already addicted, but we also want to share our passion. So we created a set of golf clubs designed to encourage people to take the first step towards learning the game. Golf can be difficult and costly to learn if you did not grow up playing (and even if you did), but the JPG golf set is friendly to newcomers and their wallets.

In addition to the golf club set, JPG intends to introduce people to golf with resources on the website to help them learn the swing, find places to practice, and engage with the game.

The mission of Just Plane Golf is to make the sometimes exclusive and expensive world of golf more accessible and affordable. Our simple set of golf clubs and resources will not only help you learn the golf swing, but also demystify the game.

If you would like to contact us directly for any reason, please e-mail nick@justplanegolf.com.