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Our Mission

Just Plane Golf was created with the aspiring golfer in mind. We provide clubs and resources that increase accessibility and simplify the game of golf.

Every major golf club manufacturer is focused on creating full sets with advanced technologies to maximize performance. This is great for the seasoned golfer who is willing to spend over a thousand dollars on the perfect set. But it's an unnecessary expense for anyone who is new to game.

A new golfer only needs a few clubs to learn the swing and enjoy the game. At JPG, we created an affordable set of essential clubs and simple tools/resources to make golf more accessible.  


What's in the name?

You have likely heard a commentator remark on a golfers swing plane during a broadcast. A swing "plane" is an imaginary line used to describe the path and angle of a golf swing. The laser pointer that comes with the set of clubs will help you practice the proper swing plane to develop a repeatable swing. We think it is one of the easier ways to learn the golf swing, and it is why the company is named "Just Plane Golf".


The JPG Creed

We believe golf is a game for all

We believe it is never too late to learn it

We believe the best way to learn the game is to simplify it

We believe in golf, simplified