The Setup: Grip + Stance

A few simple directions before you swing

The Grip

Left Hand

Place the end of the grip in your left hand so the underside of the grip rests between the palm and first knuckle of each finger.

Wrap your fingers around the grip, roll your palm over the top, and place your thumb on the grip as though you are making a thumb print.

Right Hand

Slide your right hand onto the grip by interlocking your right pinky with left index finger. The underside of the grip will rest between your palm and first knuckle of each finger, just like with your left hand.

Wrap your fingers around the grip and roll your right palm over the left thumb so the line in your palm rests on top of your thumb.


Place your thumb on the grip to feel like you are lightly pinching the club between your thumb and the middle of your index finger.

Note: The right grip pressure (or lack thereof) is essential - your grip should be firm enough to hold the club, while still being able to freely rotate your wrists and forearms.


The Stance

Feet & Legs

Set-up with feet shoulder-width apart, and weight distributed evenly between left and right legs. Keep your legs slightly bent with weight towards the balls of your feet.

Arms & Posture

Let your arms hang naturally so hands are 4-6 inches from your body. Tilt your torso forward from the hip. You should feel athletic, not rigid.

 *Note: All direction is for a right-handed golfer, but simply reverse for a lefty.*